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Rolling Easter eggs on the White House South Lawn is one of the most eagerly anticipated spring events in our nation's capital. No matter where you live, you can celebrate and take part in this time-honored tradition by purchasing your very own White House Easter Egg.

The official 2016 White House Easter Egg, which is crafted from FSC-certified U.S. hardwood, comes in four custom colors and includes the President and First Lady’s stamped signatures. Festively packaged, the White House Easter Egg arrives ready to be gifted.

SPECIAL OFFER: The 2016 "Bo and Sunny" egg is included with your purchase of the commemorative White House Easter Egg Roll set. This metallic, gold egg includes a sketched stamp of the First Family’s beloved dogs on the front, and paw print signatures on the back.

For questions, or for help with your order, please call toll-free 1-866-262-0809.

The National Park Foundation produces and sells the official White House Easter Egg to support the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the White House South Lawn, which is one of more than 400 national parks across our country. Have you found your park yet? Share your favorite memories and stories by using #findyourpark / #encuentratuparque or visiting